Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Divorce Corp Review by Philip Greenspun

Philip Grenspun has an interesting critical review of the movie Divorce Corp which I have mentioned before. I have not seen Grenspun's site before but he seems like an intelligent person.  Based on the comments, his readers seem well informed as well. Although generally positive, as I say Greenspun's review is critical which is a good thing.

I have noticed that most stories about divorce reform tend to highlight child support not spousal support. The fact that I am paying child support doesn't really bother me that much. As Spring is unwilling to provide anything for the kids then I have no qualms about doing so. That is my responsibility as a parent. Sure it is unfair but I married Spring so I have to take the consequences. What really bothers me is the spousal support which is massive and was obtained via perjury and fraud. And, as I repeat often, I have the evidence. It is tragic for the children and me that Spring has chosen to provide nothing for her children. It is tragic for society that she has obtained a legal ruling allowing her to live as a parasite upon her children and me.

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