Saturday, July 12, 2014

Medical Churning

It may appear that I have a real dislike of lawyers but that is inaccurate. I have a dislike of unethical behavior and corruption no matter where it is found. This site's focus is on the divorce system but that is only because I and my children have first hand experience, quite painful experience, of just how corrupt the divorce industry is. Not only that but I have unquestionable evidence of illegal activities and corruption. Quite honestly I would feel guilty if I did not at least to try to change the system for the better.   

Sadly, however, corruption is widespread.  USA Today has an article that describes the practice of referral churning by doctors, occupational therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists in Brooklyn, New York. As the article points out, either Brooklyn is the capital of pain or has a huge problem with fraud. The evidence clearly show it is the latter. 

Referral churning in the medical field is pretty much the same as in the divorce industry. Bad lawyers direct you to their buddies who are real estate agents, testimony coaches, mediators and parental consultants. The goal is to extract money from whomever has it without regard to right or wrong or the law. The big difference is that medial churning and fraud bilks money out of  insurance companies and the government, in the case of Medicare and Medicaid, whereas in the divorce industry the money comes from individual's pockets. This is significant because insurance companies and the government have an incentive to investigate and prosecute medical fraud. Which they do. 

But who is there to investigate and prosecute fraud in the divorce industry? Sadly there is no one. As the victims are individuals and families they are too small for the police to bother with. County attorneys often come from the very same law firms that have divorce practices (the county attorney where I reside does). so they will not bother. Civil rights attorneys like cases where an underprivileged class of people are discriminated against not where the victim is a responsible hard working person without regard to ethnicity, education level or religious affiliation. This is especially true because false allegations are so common.  

The sad reality is that there is no one with an incentive to clean up the divorce system but are a huge number of people that have a vested interest in perpetuating the corruption within it.The natural result of this is that unethical and criminal behavior in the divorce industry has become endemic and institutionalized. 

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