Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Divorcesource On How Divorce Hurts Children

From the Divorcesource Blog comes a rather depressing article on the negative impact of divorce  especially on children.

My kids were the main reason I did not want a divorce. Despite Spring's drinking, constant lying and irresponsibility, I knew what the impact would be on the kids. Sadly her criminal actions in Court have made it all the harder for them. I am sure Spring believes she "won" in the divorce. Yes, she won money but lost both her integrity and the kids.
Divorce ends the fairy tale of marriage, and makes children, if any, into victims. Children never get over the loss of their family, and their lives will never be the same. When Mom and Dad part and live separate lives, a child’s world is never the same, and he or she must navigate a fractured world. For that young boy or girl, the fairy tale is officially over.
Yes, kids do “move on,” but they are affected by it forever. In fact, Judith Wallerstein, a well-known advocate of children of divorce, stated that even 25 years later, children of divorce are 40 percent less likely to marry. They had romantic problems so many years later after the divorce.

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