Thursday, November 12, 2015

Divorce, Sucide and Insurance

On NPR this morning, Can Life Insurance Affect The Propensity To Commit Suicide? I have talked about divorce and suicide in general, the tragic suicide of Chris Mackney and the possible link between alimony and the suicide of Robin Williams.  

Although not mentioning divorce per se, the NPR segment talks about how tempting it can be for people in financial straits to commit suicide in order to financially take care of their families. Most insurance policies do pay out in the event of a suicide although there is a restriction on newly opened ones. 

Suicide can be especially tempting for those who have seen their retirement savings, children's college funds and more taken from them to pay for a divorce. Those who have to pay alimony, especially when alimony was awarded unjustly, feel especially victimized. Suicide is often viewed as the only way they can provide for their children, get out of being forced to work for the benefit of someone else, and fight back against injustice.

Divorced men are three times more likely to commit suicide than the general population which, although I have not seen a study on the matter, makes sense given that approximately 98% of alimony is paid by men. But all those victimized by the divorce system, including children, are often so devastated financially and emotionally that they come to the conclusion that our society lacks fairness and justice. With such a mindset suicide can often seem to be a powerfully attractive option.

My local county attorney Bennie Sonsang's office made it painfully clear to me that the only way I can end being forced to work to reward criminal activity is to kill myself. You may think I am making this up but I assure you I am not.


  1. I have three friends who committed suicide during or just after punitive divorce judgements. A restaurant owner was about to be ordered to pay 10,000 a month alimony to his ex-wife. This was based on his gross receipts --there was no way he could have paid that much from a restaurant that barely broke even. Facing loss of his life's work and everything he worked for,. he took his life on his 56th birthday. His ex did not shed a tear at his funeral and almost seemed to smirk. She inherited the restaurant and it sent bankrupt a few months later.

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