Monday, November 30, 2015

Museum of Political Corruption Being Built in Albany, New York

NPR's All Things Considered Program today has a story about the founding of the nation's first Museum of Political Corruption set to open in 2019. BUT, you can buy logo gear now!

The museum was founded by Bruce Roter, a  music professor at the College of Saint Rose in Albany. Roter is using humor (check out the website) as a learning tool.

I love the concept. I often think that my own somewhat jaded humor is what has saved me from being destroyed by the judicial and legal corruption that has so harmed me, my children and so many others. The day you cease to find at least something humorous in adversary is the day you start to die.

I only wish Roter named it Museum of Corruption rather than the Museum of Political Corruption so he could include judicial corruption as well.

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