Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paul Raeburn On Divorce Corp

From last year but still relevant Paul Raeburn writes on Divorce Corp.
A man is jailed for criticizing a judge on his blog. Another is found in contempt of court for expressing frustration in private Facebook comments. An evaluator charges $7,500 for a single interview. Judges order divorcing parents to sell their homes. Lawyers contribute to judges' campaign funds to receive favorable treatment in court.
Raeburn states, "I'm inclined to think that most of what the film depicts is accurate," Well, I know it is accurate. One of the most difficult challenges in reforming divorce laws is that people have a hard time believing it is so bad. I can tell you from experience it is Saddam Hussein's Iraq bad. Really, really bad.  How our society can tolerate a divorce system that operates without regard to justice is just tragic. The money lost to fraud, the pain inflicted upon the innocent, who are often children, and the cost to society is simply horrific.

Raeburn  goes on to say:
What is shocking in this film is the depiction of lawlessness in the family courts -- the lack of oversight that allows judges to insert themselves in the most personal and arbitrary way into people's private lives, their relationships with their children, their finances, and even their right to express themselves privately outside of the courtroom.
Someday we will either reform the divorce system or it will infect all of our society. If the latter, our society will become one that only Saddam Hussein would love. I hope this site, my efforts and the efforts of all who desire justice will prevent that future from becoming reality.

Unchecked Corruption Inevitably Leads to Tyranny

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