Friday, November 27, 2015

Relative Impact

At times I am amazed at how easily the legal system and our society as a whole tolerates blatant criminal activity and unethical behavior in the divorce industry.

One of the recent big scandals here in Minnesota has been the shutting down of Community Action of Minneapolis, a non-profit which was set up to help those in need,  after a state audit showed that its longtime chief executive Bill Davis misspent more than $800,000 in taxpayer money on travel, a celebrity cruise, spa visits and even a personal car loan. The audit caused an uproar and political allies of Davis quickly abandoned him. The organization was subsequently shut down.

I wish the divorce industry could be likewise audited. Davis misspent $800,000. I, as an individual, lost more than that due to clearly criminal and unethical actions by Spring, Nelly Wince, Judge Mearly and others who acted in their own self-interest rather than according to the law and commonly held standards of ethical behavior.

Community Action of Minneapolis was shut down because they operated for their own benefit rather than helping the poor as they claimed. The divorce industry likewise often operates for their own benefit rather than promoting justice as they claim, albeit on a vastly larger scale and with a much greater and more deleterious impact. Unethical and criminal actions the divorce industry transfer unbelievable amounts of money from the good and law-abiding to criminals and devastate innocent lives, many of which are children. So why was Community Action shut down but criminality in the divorce industry so tolerated? Because, the people committing the unethical acts, whether they be lawyers, judges, or county attorneys are all members of the legal community. Within that community, the bad ones take care of their own and the good ones turn a blind eye because of their friendships, lobbying money, and often revolving door between practicing attorneys, judges and those who work for the government. It is truly a cesspool.

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