Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Women Who Pay Alimony

As a follow on to yesterday's posting Divorce360 has an interesting article on Women Who Pay Alimony.
“How often do gold diggers marry money? Every day. In the end, there are cases where they want as much as they can get. I have seen grasping men and grasping women, too. This not something that is endemic to one sex or the other,” she said. “It’s all about what’s in it for me.
The legal system is supposed to ensure justice but, as this site has made clear, it often operates in a manner antithetical to that ideal. For the unethical, divorce court is where they are able to take money from the victims they prey upon. The innocent, honest and hardworking people whose lives they ruin are a small price to pay. The children they destroy merely collateral damage.

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  1. More common in second wives who indirectly pay alimony to their husband's ex. This is because "ability to apy" is used to determine the level of alimony. The second wife's income is considered to be available to the husband to help pay alimony to the first wife. Thus, alimony awards typically go up when the husband remarries, at least here in Ohio.