Sunday, November 22, 2015

Women And Alimony

For my third posting in a row on how alimony hurts women I bring you a very well written article by Meghan Demaria: The Women's Rights Issue You Might Not Know About, But Definitely Should.

Demaria refers to several articles, all of which I have linked to/commented on as well, but summarizes them far better than I can articulate.
Today, many women — including married women — are essential parts of the workforce, and may out-earn their partners or spouses. Alimony reform would help both men and women who are divorced, and it would help states bring what many see as outdated laws up to speed.
The biggest injustice by far is lifetime alimony that is awarded to an ex-spouse, like Spring, who was not the primary parent and who has the same earning potential as the person paying alimony. Especially, again like with Spring, when there is absolute evidence of fraud having been committed by the person receiving the alimony.

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